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Reader Revenue Manager helps publishers grow, retain, and engage their audiences, creating new revenue opportunities through subscription, contribution, ad optimization, and reader insight tools.

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Subscriptions or contributions in 2-clicks

Diversify your revenue opportunity with easy-to-implement subscription and contribution prompts that make conversion and checkout fast, secure, and friction-free.

Learn who your readers are with custom surveys

Surveys provide privacy-safe reader data to help you tailor your content strategy and serve more relevant ads even as third-party cookies are phased out. Data can be monetized through built-in Google Ad Manager integration and insights are easily accessible from Google Analytics.

Highlight your content across Google’s surfaces

Readers who subscribe or contribute through Reader Revenue Manager can see your content featured in a "From Your Subscriptions" panel on Google Search, Discover, and News products, helping to grow engagement and reinforce your brand.

Grow loyalty with newsletter sign-ups

Build your newsletter audience with privacy-safe, 1-click forms to gather reader email addresses.

Eliminate paywall frustrations for your subscribers

No more forgotten passwords or usernames. Your readers will be automatically signed-in with their Google account.

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Control how you greet and convert your readers

Optimize your conversion funnel by strategically timing and ordering your subscription, contribution, survey, and newsletter prompts to match what works best for your readers.

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Worried about resourcing, time, or development expertise? Onboard to Reader Revenue Manager quickly with minimal tech skills.

No coding experience is necessary.

Businesses of all sizes

We’re committed to supporting publishers of all sizes

Whether you already have a paywall or are just starting your reader revenue business, we have a solution to help you grow your publication.