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Best practices

Learn more about building and strengthening a subscription or contribution business.

Get your users to subscribe or contribute by improving loyalty on your site

Through its decision engine, News Consumer Insights (NCI) will provide you with customised insights and engagement tactics based on your Google Analytics data. You will build deeper relationships with your readers and therefore increase profitability with Google Reader Revenue Manager.

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Learn how to grow loyalty and digital revenue with the Google News Initiative's (GNI) fundamentals lab

The fundamentals lab is a three-month immersive programme based on the GNI's News Consumer Insights analytical framework. It has been developed for groups of news publishers to help them grow:

  • Audience engagement
  • Reader Revenue
  • Advertising revenue

This free-of-charge programme is data-driven, actionable and collaborative, with up to 50 publishers included in each group. Each participant will get personalised audits and recommendations developed for their particular business, with a chance to interact directly with Googlers.

Man viewing the fundamentals lab